Trump doubts Obama birth certificate

So I just got wind yesterday of this whole birth certificate issue with Donald Trump.
Trump basically doubted the legitimacy of Barack Obama’s birth certificate after it’s release.


Are you fucking kidding me?
I understand the fact that you want to get past the issue and talk about OPEK and oil, etc, but to doubt the man’s birth certificate?
I’m sorry, but you’re fired. SMFH..

Obama released a statement on the subject, saying that he “doesn’t have time for this” and he “has better things to do”, we need to get past this “silliness” and focus on real issues.
Spoken like a true President and true Black Man.

What do I say to this?
Leave this damn man alone.
He was born in Hawaii.
He is a citizen.
Only ignorant ass people would still be sitting here, trying to disprove that Barack Obama, the first BLACK MAN to win the U.S. Presidency, is in fact, an American citizen.
I don’t see why this is still an issue.
Trust and believe, this man made history.
He would not LET such an important stipulation for the presidency be his downfall.

Let this man try to fix the FUCKERY that you ignorant asses let go on for 8 years. DAMN.


#RespectTheCraft or Nah?

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