NBA News and Semi Finals Recap (Past Week)

Now before I get into stats for the past wks games, lets get some other stories that circulated around the NBA.

– Tonight’s Heat and Bulls game was moved from Monday night to today so the United Center can be used for the taping of one of Oprah’s final shows. This woman rules the world, IDC what anyone says.

– Shaq may be forced into retirement. The 39 yr old powerhouse has never fully recovered from an injury obtained earlier in the season and his last game played may have been his last. It doesn’t look good for him. If he can’t run, he can’t even be a sheriff. No bueno. LOL.

– The rumors surrounding Pau and Kobe are untrue says the Lakers center. Him and his girlfriend are fine. So shut it.

– New Wizards uniforms are in store. They are reverting back to the red, white and blue format, as used by their former counterparts The Bullets. Not really feeling it… are you?

J. J. Barea has no hard feelings towards Andrew Bynum for the elbow given in Game 4 of the series, but Bynum is feeling more pain, being fined more than $700 grand and suspended for 5 games beginning next season. Yikes.

– Phil Jackson is going home w/ a sweep and he doesn’t mind. He says that right this moment, he is content and does not intend to return to coaching. 6 months down the line, maybe, but now, no. Damn super coach. Didn’t like your team much, but you were the SHIT!

Now… Onto the STATS! Gonna make it short, being that all of you know what the hell went on.

– The Lakers are swept by the Mavericks, winning Game 4 122-86, taking the Mavs straight into the Western Conference Finals.

– The Hawks tie the series at 2, winning Game 4 100-88.

– Miami takes Game 4, leading the series 3-1 against the Celtics, 98-90.

– OKC and Memphis go into Triple OT but Memphis falls to OKC 133-123, GREAT GAME!

– The Bulls take Game 5 and the series lead against the Hawks, 95-83.

– Miami wins the series and heads to the Eastern Conference Finals, sending Boston home defeated. 97-87 was the score.

– OKC takes game five against the Grizzlies and a 3-2 series lead, 99-72 was the final.

– Chicago smashes Atlanta 93-73 in a great effort to take the series and head to the E. Conference Finals against the Miami Heat. YES!

– Memphis ties the series and FORCES GAME 7 against the Thunder, winning Game 6, 95-83 as the buzzer sounds.


Memphis Grizzlies against the Oklahoma City Thunder for Game 7! Great series battle, who the hell is gonna take it? Personally feeling both teams, but OKC got my vote. That starts today at 3:30p EST on ABC!


MIAMI HEAT, CHICAGO BULLS! Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals! 8p EST on TNT. Gotta watch this one!

New update tonight on the games!


#RespectTheCraft or Nah?

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