audioEMIT: A Blog for the Entertainment and Media Masses

audioEMIT is all about entertainment, whether it be music and fashion for the Underground Community, promoting new, up and coming blogs, such as Sealed w/ a Kiss, artists such as Abyss Da Dark, REAL Muzic Luvers and Nina B, fashion shows such as Battle of the Runway @ Dumbo Loft (hosted by Vocab Magazine), or for people who are looking for more mainstream music and sports, such as Bey, Eminem or the NBA Playoffs. I post crazy YouTube videos, just about anything to ENTERTAIN YOU. Take a minute, check out the rest of the posts, if you’re feeling it, check back daily. There are new posts every few days.

If you’re an artist and you want to promote your music, fashion, poetry, videos or anything of that nature, to a new host of fans, contact me. I don’t discriminate. I’ll definitely give you shout outs and promotions. audioEMIT is here for you.

Let me hear or see something. I got you.



#RespectTheCraft or Nah?

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