REAL Muzic Luvers Update + New SWAK Posts

REAL Muzic Luvers Updates

REAL Muzic Luvers is on the goddamn MOVE. Been all over the city and all over blogs and independent magazines alike. First things first, if you don’t know about RML, check em out here below. If you already know, pass by the links.

Now that we’re passed that, RML will be featured in the new, upcoming independent magazine, Indie Flava. RML will be interviewing for the first issue of the magazine, coming out in June. Look out for audioEMIT’s post on that. Wanna know more about Indie Flava, check them out here –

RML has been featured in the online magazine called iKandy. iKandy is just like us here at audioEMIT, putting independent artists in the spotlight. RML was lucky enough to get a spot on the mag w/ their hit video Dark Angel. Check the post out here – If you wanna know more about iKandy, check it out here at

AND FOLLOW them on twitter! @iKandyMAG

Next, RML was recently featured on BCAT. If you ever catch BCAT, RML was on Lady V’s “God’s Talents”, where they performed Naughty w/ singer Magic. Be on the look out for that.

Last up and most important to TeamRML right now, Spit It Out.

The first post of audioEMIT was about this single by RML, didn’t catch it, check it out here – The official single drops this Friday, 5.27.11, but we got the promo video for you right here. Check it out. The shit is HOT!

SWAK Updates


Our sister site SWAK has definitely been doing well. Here are some updates from the site, including the Billboard performances, because I couldn’t catch it.

Recent and Popular SWAK Posts:

Wanna know more about SWAK, check here. –

If you wanna know more about the lady behind SWAK, check out this interview. –

Look out for more updates and posts.


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