soundBLAST! Media Buzz (May 2011 Edition)

So the biggest news out there, music wise, is BEYONCE. She has come back with a vengeance. If you don’t believe me, check all of this out. She is definitely Running the WORLD right now.

Beyonce Performing Who Runs The World on Oprah – Bey said she was honored to perform for Oprah on what will be one of Oprah’s last shows.

Kelly Rowland is also back on the scene w/ her new video for Motivation.

Now for my usual…

Quickly Criticized Buzz

– Cali Swagg District member M-Bone was shot and killed. RIP dude. Your career didn’t even get a chance to blossom. Their will be a tribute released by CSD called “How To Do That”.
– Gaga, Rihanna and Minaj were all booed while performing their new hits recently. Bwahahahaaaa!
– Thor did great in its premiere, PoTC is doing great, like first 3 movies, grossing $90.1 mil in its opening and a 5th installment is in the works.
– Keyshia Cole is now married to NBA Player Daniel Gibson, who plays for the Cleveland Cavs.
– Bieber and Eminem dominated the Billboard Awards, both winning 6 awards each. Bieber thought he only won 3 at nights end, but was ELATED to find out about the other 3. Gaga, Rihanna and Usher all won 3 awards.
– Katy Perry’s husband Russell Brand was recently deported from Japan. I don’t like him for her anyway.
– Eminem says he has a few acting gigs in the works. Can’t wait to see this. Love ya boy Em.
– The new Transformers movie will be hitting theatres 2 days early, so be ready for that.
– Arnold Schwarzenneger has a love child and it happened right under his wife’s nose. SMH. Too bad his last name isn’t Jackson. Can’t say “I’m sorry Ms. Jackson, WOOOOO!” like we did for Jesse Jackson some years back. LOL.
– Beyonce has a new single that leaked, called Till the End of Time. I haven’t heard it yet, but it’s Bey, go check it out.
– Rick Ross big ass is on the cover of VIBE… w/ no shirt on. I think i just puked in my mouth a bit. Ew. Still a cool dude tho.
– The Hangover 2 and Kung Fu Panda come out 5/26.
– X-Men: First Class is out 6/3.
– Green Lantern is set for 6/17.
– Cars 2 comes out 6/24.
– Transformers: Dark of the Moon is out 7/1.

Billboard News

Rap Songs Top 5:

  1. Look At Me Now – Chris Brown (14wks)
  2. All of the Lights – Kanye West (19wks)
  3. Roll Up – Wiz Khalifa (11wks)
  4. Racks – YC (11wks)
  5. My Last – Big Sean (8wks)

R&B/Hip Hop Songs Top 5:

  1. Sure Thing – Miguel (16wks)
  2. Motivation – Kelly Rowland (9wks)
  3. Look At Me Now – Chris Brown (18wks)
  4. Far Away – Marsha Ambrosius (23wks)
  5. All of the Lights – Kanye West (24wks)

Rap Albums Top 5:

  1. Turtleneck and Chain – The Lonely Island (1wk)
  2. Goblin – Tyler, The Creator (1wk)
  3. Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 – Beastie Boys (2wks)
  4. Rolling Papers – Wiz Khalifa (7wks)
  5. Pink Friday – Nicki Minaj (25wks)

R&B/Hip Hop Albums Top 5:

  1. Goblin – Tyler, The Creator (1wk)
  2. Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 – Beastie Boys (2wks)
  3. Stone Rollin’ – Raphael Saadiq (1wk)
  4. F.A.M.E. – Chris Brown (8wks)
  5. Rolling Papers – Wiz Khalifa (7wks)

That’s it for me on Media Buzz.


#RespectTheCraft or Nah?

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