NBA Conference Finals Recap (Past Wk)


I know you’ve been waiting, here u go.

May 17:
Dallas Mavericks takes the series 1-0 w/ a 121-112 win. Dirk Nowitzki, no doubt, on his game. 48 pts, 24/24 from the line. 6 rebs, 4 asts and 4 blks. Jason Terry was also a factor w/ 24 pts off the bench, 4 from deep. J. J. Barea had 21 off the bench as well. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook scored 60 of OKC’s 112 and had 32 made FT’s, great effort, just not enough to contain the Mavs.  James Harden and Serge Ibaka also contributed w/ 29 combined pts. OKC finished w/ 39 rebs and 19 asts.

May 18:
Hard fought game but Miami pulls it out, tying the series 1 apiece, 85-75 over Chicago. Lebron and D. Wade were the star players for the night but the game ball went to Udonis Haslem, who played his first game since being injured during the season. He gave the Heat a big lift off the bench w/ 13 pts, 5 rebs, 2 asts and energy that rivaled the two stars. Lebron finished w/ 29 pts, 10 rebs for the double double, and 5 asts. D. Wade had 24 pts w/ 9 rebs, 2 asts and 2 blks. The Bulls did not have a great night. Only Luol Deng and D. Rose finished w/ double-digit pts. They had a combined 34 pts, only going 13/38 from the field.

May 19:
OKC ties it, 1-1, w/ a 106-100 win. Nowitzki, Chandler, Kidd and Barea all finished w/ double digit pts, w/ 68 of the Mavs 100, but for every pt they scored, OKC had an answer. Kevin Durant finished w/ 24 pts, 3 rebs and 4 asts. Westbrook had 18 w/ 3 rebs and 4 asts. Harden hit 23, w/ 4 from deep. he also had 7 rebs and 4 asts. Eric Maynor also came off the bench w/ 13. James Harden and Dirk Nowitzki both had huge 4th quarters, scoring the bulk of their points in the ending.

May 21:
2-1 series lead by the Mavs w/ their 93-87 win over Oklahoma City. As usual, Westbrook and KD had big games, outscoring their teammates w/54 of OKC’s 87 and it was not enough for a win. Marion and Nowitzki both dropped 18 and grabbed 4 rebs. Kidd dropped 13 pts w/ 6 rebs and 8 asts. Terry also dropped 13 pts w/ 6 asts. The Mavs had a breakdown, but there was nothing really critical about this game. OKC was just outplayed in the end.

May 22:
The Heat take this win in their hometown of Miami, 96-85, taking a 2-1 series lead. Derrick Rose has been having a lot of sub-par games as of late. He finished w/ 20 but was only 8/19 from the field, w/ 5 rebs and asts. Boozer was the star for the Bulls, finishing w/ 26 pts and 17 rebs. Chris Bosh, the missing link to Miami’s Big 3, had 34 at the end of the night w/ 5 rebs, 2 asts and 2 steals. Lebron also added 22, w/ 6 rebs and 10 asts to give him a double double for the night. Wade had 17 w/ 9 rebs and 3 asts.

May 23:
OKC is outscored 11-4 in OT and the Mavs take a 3-1 series lead w/ their 112-105 win. Dirk was again, the story of the night, rallying 15 pts in the 4th to take the game into OT. Reporters said he looked like a Harlem Globetrotter the way he hit 2 of his jumpers while falling to the ground. He finished w/ 40 pts for the night, went 14/15 from the line and adding 5 rebs and 3 asts. Terry and Kidd also had big games, finishing w/ a combined 37 pts, 10 rebs and 8 asts. Good game from OKC. Durant had 29 but had 9 of OKC’s 25 turnovers, Ibaka had 18, Sefolosha had 12, Westbrook had 19 and Collison had 12. They finished w/ 55 rebs and 23 asts at games end.

Upcoming Games:

May 24: Game 4, Chicago @ Miami – 830p EST on ESPN.

May 25: Game 5, OKC @ Dallas – 9p EST on ESPN.

May 26: Game 5, Miami @ Chicago – 830p EST on TNT.

May 27: Game 6 if OKC wins, Dallas @ OKC – 9p EST on ESPN.

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