Underground Artists Unite… NEW R.E.A.L. Muzic Luvers, Abyss Da Dark and Skittles!

Yall waited for it…


I want everyone who watched the promo video and was diggin’ it to go download RML’s NEW SINGLE, SPIT IT OUT… Seriously, I’m not playin’ w/ yall. I’ve had it for a long time. I bump to it every time it comes on, but that’s because I manage them. Now, you, THE FANS, have an opportunity to bump to it and hear those insane lyrics, full force. Go download it here… NOW!


Next up, the big homie, Abyss Da Dark and his new video, Need More Time To Grow. The transitions are hot, the song is hot. Watch it, comment, tell ya friends. Real big shout outs to you Abyss. Loving the new joints…

Last but definitely not least, Skittles. I posted her hot joint, Get Out Your Seat in an earlier post. Missed that one, take a look here…


Now after you check that joint out (I know you got out your seat too, don’t front), check her out performing w/ 5 Star at the Out Awards. Big shout outs to you as well Skittles. We see you!

Loving the underground artists for putting that full effort in. As the big homie Abyss says, #WeUp.


#RespectTheCraft or Nah?

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