Vocab Magazine launches Vocab Lounge

So if you don’t remember, I blogged about the fashion show called Battle of the Runway, hosted by Vocab Magazine, an online magazine headed by CEO Jamal Westcott, that is dedicated to fashion and music. If you missed that one, here is the link – https://moshpitmisfits.wordpress.com/2011/05/17/battle-of-the-runway-dumbo-loft/

Now that you’ve seen that, Vocab Magazine has launched a new site, called Vocab Lounge. Models can join, share their photos, chat, see what’s happening with Vocab Magazine, just about everything you can think of w/ a social network site. If you’re into Fashion, jump on it. There are loads of events that Vocab throws that you can find out about thru this site. Make use of it.

Vocab Lounge – http://vclounge.ning.com/

Check it out. Sign up. Do yourselves a favor by earning respect and some pocket change by going to the events. Learn the industry.

XXII: Stamped Recommendation

Now swinging back around to Battle of the Runway, the official photog pictures for Battle of the Runway are up. If you wanna check them out, click the links here:



Here are the photos of my boys R.E.A.L. Muzic Luvers from the Fashion Show.


#RespectTheCraft or Nah?

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