Bet Awards 2011

So the 2011 Bet Awards was ok this year. I’d give it 3 outta 5 stars this year. This year was well thought out and not changed around at the last-minute so they did a pretty good job.

I caught the last few mins of the pre-show and was able to catch Best Female R&B Artist, which was given to Marsha Ambrosius. She looks great and doing a wonderful job w/ her solo career. MC Lyte looks great, very debonair w/ her white pant suit. Kelly Rowland looked great on the carpet. Lil Twist performed… HORRIBLE. Diggy Simmons did his thing, even w/ the tech. difficulties. SMH @ BET for that one. But I know one thing, Jo Jo is TIGHT! LMAO!

Now onto the show…

  • Mary J. Blige opened up the show, giving a great performance. Looked great in her white ensemble. She brought out Anita Baker. Anita has had that haircut for over 20 yrs, LOL, but she looked good. She also brought out Jadakiss and DJ Khaled. Overall cool performance.
  • Kevin Hart comes out doing a step show w/ a group of kids in his frat, Kevin Phi Kevin, LMAO! They stepped to 6 Foot 7 Foot. He is a fool. Taraji P. Henson presented the Best Male R&B Artist award, that went to Chris Brown. I think he deserved it, going thru all the nonsense over the past couple years, even recently. Took him a long time to get back to the BET Awards. His outfit tho, he just threw that on in the dressing room. -___-
  • Rick Ross performed Aston Martin Music w/ no Drake, LAME AS FUCK. Ace Hood and Khaled came out and stole it from him w/ Hustle Hard. Ross retaliated by opening his shirt and FLOPPING his TITS and WEIGHT around. Eww. Wayne’s part was the best.
  • Tracy Ellis Ross and Malcolm Jamal Warner presented the made up category of Young Stars, which Jaden and Willow Smith won. How cute…
  • Keri Hilson and Lance Alonzo presented the Best Female Hip Hop Artist Award to Nicki Minaj. It was hands down hers. She was up against Diamond, who is too new and green in the game, some random ass chick named Cymphonie and Lola Monroe… -______- Nicki knew it was no contest, her speech was funny. I hated her dress tho. At least she looked normal. *shrugs*

  • Jill Scott performed a new song, w/ a cameo by Idris Elba. She looks really good w/ the weight loss. Now she needs to tone them big biddies in the front down. Sheesh!!!
  • The original cast of The Five Heartbeats and the group After 7 performed Nights Like This. The one that was most cracked out in the movie looked HORRIBLE and sickly. They presented the Best Group Award to Diddy Dirty Money. They all looked good. Diddy looked like he wanted to smack Dawn for speaking first. LOL.
  • Chris Brown started his performance w/ She Ain’t You, wearing the Batman cape and glider pants, LOL. Then he did Look At Me Now w/ Busta. Busta tore it down but that damn jacket w/ the Robocop/Yo Gabba Gabba arms, SMFH! Then he performed Paper Scissor Rock. That song is tough. Good performance.
  • Meagan Good, Pooch Hall and Jose Chavez, who looked like the ONLY Spanish dude named Paco on stage, presented Best Collabo, which went to Chris Brown, Busta and Lil Wayne for Look At Me Now.
  • Alicia Keys, who is coming out w/ a 10 Year Anniversary album, performed a new song, then Woman’s Worth w/ Bruno Mars and then brought out Rick Ross, who thankfully kept his shirt closed. Lawda Mercy. Then she closed out w/ Fallin’. Oh, and WTF was going on w/ Alicia’s wig piece? Lookin’ all kinds of crazy…
  • TeamMinaj and TeamBieber presented and accepted Best Male Hip Hop Artist Award, that went to Kanye West. He wasn’t there obviously.
  • Big Sean and Chris Brown performed My Last. It was OKAY.

  • Atlantic Starr came out and performed, my man ain’t have no teeth up in his head. LOL. They presented Wiz Khalifa w/ the award for Best New Artist. He was w/ Amber Rose. Is that the reason Yeezy wasn’t there??? LOL.
  • Nia Long, who has the baby bump and glow, and looked amazing, introduced Trey Songz. He performed Love Faces and Unusual. Then he brought out Kelly Rowland, who performed Motivation and brought Trey back out, channeled a lil Janet Jackson in the performance. It was a sexy performance. She was giving Bey a run for her money tonight, LOL. Mr. Steal Ya Girl Trey done stole Kelly from Nelly, Oh LAWD. FIGHT!!!
  • Debra Lee … *sigh* … so she wore a tablecloth this year. *blank stare*
  • Donnie McClurkin performed. Highlight of his performance was him bringing out Mary Mary, who right after performing was presented w/ Best Gospel Artist by the Braxton sisters.

  • Gladys Knight presented Patti La Belle w/ the Lifetime Achievement Award. Cee Lo Brown performed Somebody Loves Me, lookin’ crazy w/ an imitation Patti wig on. He sprayed the wig and everything, LMAO! Marsha Ambrosius did If Only You Knew and killed it, hitting some crazy notes. Pastor Shirley Ceasar, LAWD HAVE MERCY w/ the Glenda the Good Witch from Wizard of Oz. CTFU! Then the legendary Patti got on stage and killed it. Gotta love Patti, no matter what walk of life you are from.
  • Terrence, Roxy and a fan presenter presented the Viewer’s Choice Award. Ultimate SCREW UP by BET. The tablet that showed the winner said Chris Brown. The teleprompter said Rihanna and backstage was telling them Drake, so Drake came to accept the award. Turns out that Chris Brown actually won the award. This was corrected at the end of the show.
  • Snoop Dogg and Warren G did a tribute to Nate Dogg. RIP. Cali Swagg came out and mentioned group member M Bone, who was killed earlier this year. Queen Latifah did a tribute to Gil Scott Heron. The revolution will not be TELEVISED!
  • DJ Khaled, Drake and Ross, yet again, performed. Cool performance.

  • Beyonce closed out the show, w/ a performance from oversees. She performed Best I Never Had and End of Time. You thought you got that Kelly, No SIR! LOL.

Overall good show. Glad to see CB there. Glad K. Hart did a good job as host. He is a damn fool w/ the Real Husbands of Hollywood, LOL. No huge disappointments for the award recipients. That’s my recap for the awards. Check out the other posts while you here. Thanks!



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