Jay-Z Album in the works; Tentative Watch The Throne Release Date

HOV is at it again. Back in the studio and two songs in for the creation of his 12th solo LP. His new album WILL compete with those of his Roc Nation artists Jay Electronica and J. Cole. When asked about that, Jay said “Hopefully, I don’t play that. We’re all competing for the same mind share. J. Cole and Jay Electronica are both making inspiring music.” Jay Z has Odd Future artist Frank Ocean and wife Beyonce as features on the track. He says he was so inspired by Watch The Throne, the collab album between Jay Z and Kanye West, that he had to get back in the studio for his own purposes. Jay Z is currently second in #1 albums with 11, beating Elvis Presley’s nine #1 albums. He is second only to the Beatles right now, who have 16.

And speaking of Watch The Throne…

The new collab album has a tentative date of August 2nd. Jay Z didn’t hint on an official date at a recent listening party for the album. Jay played about 12 songs at the party. HAM is said not to be on it. RZA is said to be on a song that will make the final cut. The songs Italian Life and Otis Redding (names tentative) were given good reviews. Jay went on to say that everything on the album was recorded together, neither Kanye or himself dialed anything in and then opened the floor for an impromptu conversation, avoiding interviews all together. Kanye did not attend.

On that note, can’t wait for this album to drop, whenever they decide to do that. Hope all you Jay and Yeezy fans are up on it.



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