90s Throwback: All N My Grill – Missy Elliott

One of my FAVORITE ARTISTS because of her nonconforming ways and her unique style from day one. Missy Elliott has never disappointed me with anything she does. Here is my 90s Throwback, Missy Elliott – All N My Grill…


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  1. Hey Guys,No one will probably read this anwayy but it’s worth trying..I’m Taylor and I’m 18 years old, my passion is singing. I don’t have an expensive? studio just a KODAK camera and a voice, but that’s all I need I? wanna make people happy with? my singing and that’s my dream. Help me with my dream by checking out my? latest covers, i can’t promise you you’ll love? it but I tried my? best.Thanks to the ones with the thumbs up, it means the world to me..


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