S**t I Care About: The War in Iraq & NBA Season

After 9 long years of a Bush Era war, one of the key factors that has propelled the U.S. into it’s current debt situation with a 800 billion dollar price tag, the War in Iraq has formally come to an end. The last set of American troops pulled out of active duty for the territory this past weekend.

The aftermath of this 3,193 day war is as follows:

$800bil dollar war debt
Current debt situation in America is somewhere in the 10 trillions mark
4,487 U.S. troops killed
32,226 U.S. troops wounded
103,775+ Iraqis killed

I mean I am all for Saddam Hussein and Osama out of the picture, that’s great. I’m also all for Iraq getting it’s liberation finally, but SHEESH! This Bush propelled war did nothing but hurt us in the long run. And some of y’all negroes voted for him to do a second term.

8 years of fuckery from the Bush Administration. His gov’t singlehandedly diminished all surplus’ this country had a chance of having for some time. I wouldn’t wish that man’s leadership on my worst enemy. SMFH!

December proved to be the deciding month for the NBA as it’s long lockout, which began in July, finally ended. With the CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) signed, sealed and delivered, the NBA began every move possible to get this shortened 66-game season underway. All at once, free agency, trades and training camps began to get ready for the Christmas openers. Some pretty big and not so big transactions went down during this process. Here are a few of them.

1. Chris Paul has been traded from NOLA to the LA Clippers. This came after Paul first proclaimed he wanted to be traded to the Knicks and after his first trade deal, which would have sent him to the LA Lakers, fell thru because of complaints from the league. David Stern stopped the deal.

2. Tyson Chandler was signed to the Knicks after the amnesty clause in the CBA was used on Chauncey Billups. This left a gaping hole in the PG position for a while until the Knicks signed veteran guards Mike Bibby and then Baron Davis. Davis is currently recovering from a back injury. Billups has been picked up by the Clippers.

3. The Pistons parted ways with Rip Hamilton, who was then picked up by the Chicago Bulls. He is unsure if he will be ready to play Tuesday.

4. Celtics F Jeff Green will miss the entire season because of his pending heart surgery.5. Kobe Bryant’s wife has FINALLY smartened the hell up and signed for divorce. Bout damn TIME…6. Lamar Odomhas been shipped from the Lakers to the Mavericks, giving Bryant yet another reason to catch a nervous breakdown.7. Vince Carter has been picked up by the defending champion Dallas Mavericksafter being dropped by the Suns.The season officially starts on Christmas, which is a Sunday this year. 5 games, can’t wait to try and catch all, like Pokemon.Boston Celtics @ NY Knicks 12P ET on TNT
Miami Heat @ Dallas Mavericks 230P ET on ABC
Chicago Bulls @ LA Lakers 5P ET on ABC
Orlando Magic @ Oklahoma City Thunder 8P ET on ESPN
LA Clippers @ Golden State Warriors 1030P ET on ESPN
Fellas (and Ladies)
get ready. The highly anticipated 2011-12 season is about to start. LETS GET IT!


#RespectTheCraft or Nah?

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