White House Band – Ghost and Wasup

Through a media opportunity email, I was able to stumble upon David E. Beats x The White House Band. First single they pushed, eh, not so much… these next 2 though, good shit. Good beats. Good bars. Doesn’t that always make for Good music? Bringing underground to the forefront with this post. Check out Ghost and Wasup by The WHB.

Interview w/ this talented artist is on the horizon, definitely…

The White House Band [WHB for short] is an urban rock project by David E Beats. David E Beats is the vocalist/songwriter/producer and only official member of WHB. Sometimes he may hire a band to tour with but there are times he will tour solo. Live he utilizes light shows and fog for effect. He plays guitar and raps simultaneously, rapping like a young Jay-Z and playing guitar like Jimi Hendrix. WHB is recommended if you like Nine Inch Nails, Kanye West, Gym Class Heroes, Rage Against The Machine, Mettalica, and Danger Mouse.

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