Tell Your Story: Experience Abyss Da Dark…

What’s up?

You guys know that I’m all about my underground artists. This guy right here is no stranger to the underground scene or my blog. I got him to give me an exclusive interview for audioEMIT. Abyss Da Dark is hard at work on his new EP, which he gives me a bit of info on…

How about I just give you guys the scope. Here’s my interview w/ Abyss.

What’s the background of Abyss Da Dark, the artist and #WeUp?
Brooklyn, NY MC. Raised off that NY boom bap rap. Fell in love with the lyrical, story telling aspect of it. Now I create whatever comes to my heart.
The phrase #WeUp was created because of a situation with my homie Brookz, a fellow artist. He was going through a rough period and it was
a statement I used to help him stay steady. My way of telling him to keep his head up. It kinda just stuck.
What kind of music do you listen to?
My ears are open to all sounds. Whatever sounds good to me. Hip-Hop, alternative rock, punk rock, metal, and dubstep. I’ll give it a chance.
Do you listen to your own music?
Of course. If I didn’t then that would indicate to me that it isn’t good enough. I think its very important to be able to listen to my own music. If I 
don’t enjoy it, how can I expect anyone else to.
Of all the tracks you made, what’s your favorite?
Each one has its moments where I feel its my favorite.With that being said I’d have to say “Nostalgia” from my “Forever And A Day” project in ’09. That’s
the only record I’ve made that I think is perfect as far as lyrics, beat, emotion and execution. So far.
What’s your favorite song to perform?
I love energetic shows so it’ll be a draw between High From A Feeling, Mind+Body+Soul, Nostalgia and my version of Meet Me Halfway.
Tell me about Panama Red.
Humble, cool, young cat fresh out of Ebbets Field in Brooklyn. Dude is a perfectionist. Makes dope beats for fun and digs crates 
professionally. He dropped a couple of beat tapes and is prepping the sequel to Unlimited. That’s my little brother right there.
You know I have to throw this in there, what do you think of R.E.A.L. Muzic?
Couple of young cats that just need that right person(s) to meet them and its on. I fux with them. That’s fam.
What’s the message you want people to get out of your music?
I’m better than their favorite artist. Nah, just to be themselves. Its cooler to be uncool. Oh, and to have a good time while they’re here.
Current projects you want to promote? 
Forever And A Day w/ Panama Red – 
From My Heart With Love w/ Panama Red –
Opium III –
Any new projects in the works?
I’m working on my EP. Hopefully dropping this year. I actually just started recording. I’m excited to see how everything pans out. Working
with my homie Sidney from New Zealand. He’s a producer out there. Love his sound. I’m calling it “Tomorrow Only Comes Everyday”.
Words of wisdom for the readers?
Love life and live it to the fullest. I understand the struggle. Hell, I’m still in it. But make yourself a plan and follow through.
Contact info for the fans?
Y’all can hit me up on & Also, check out my site AbyssDaDark.comfor updates on new music, videos and all that.
Any artists or team members you want to shout out?
Peace to everybody that’s looked out for me and has given me the opportunity to work with them. Appreciate all the love folk. And thank you for the interview. #WeUp

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