Tell Your Story: Spiffy T. Hobbs… Get Into That West Coast Flow…

Big up to females in the underground. Special interview here with a young woman I’ve become associated with on Twitter, who constantly tells me I need to make my way out to Cali so we can twirl… (YESSSS! I plan on it! TRUST!) She’s deeply into music, mainly because of her musical roots and has a hand and foot in the fashion realm. Google her. You won’t be disappointed…

Get Into Spiffy T. Hobbs…

What’s the background of T. Hobbs, the artist? Any catchphrases, slogans, mottos?

-Im an awkward, only-child, Capricorn, L.A. transplant by way of Queens who loves music and writing and communicates better via both. That truth is a motto in itself.

What kind of music do you listen to?

-I love R&B.. 70s-late 90s is my favorite. Jazz. Reggae. Soca. Standards. 90s hip-hop. Some new stuff. But I usually go back to the stuff from my adolescence. The O’Jays, Slum V, Sade, Luther, Stevie, Little Brother, MJ/Janet/Prince, BIG, classic Bad Boy artists, classic aFAM, my boy Fresh, shit, the Temps, Dramatics, Chi-Lights… man..there are too many to name.. I hate listing them lol.

Do you listen to your own music?

-Just to critique it and grow.

Of all the tracks you made, what’s your favorite?

-An interlude featuring my mother.

What’s your favorite song to perform?


Tell me about life on the west coast.

-It’s complicated like a facebook relationship status lol. Has its ups and its downs. But it’s the homebase, and I respect it for its history and its present. And I see a bright future ahead. We have some SHIT.

Who influenced you to become an artist?

-My uncle, and grandfather, Riney Bryson, Jr., and Riney Bryson, Sr., respectively. Both have passed. My uncle was a very well known sax player and changed the game. My grandfather was 1 of Peoria, Illinois‘ 1st black radio DJs, and is in the Radio Hall of Fame. My aunt, Cheryl Bryson, is a gospel singer, and another uncle, Vernon Martin, RIP, was a major player in the bass game. My mom is a music afficionado and raised me to be one as well. She has always been an influence just through her giving me life, living hers,  and encouraging me to make the most of my gifts. But I come from a VERY artistic family. Music IS my family.

What’s the message you want people to get out of your music?

-We’re different, and that’s ok. Be YOU. It’s beautiful. That it’s another forray into the mind of a black woman. We’re layered. Dont paint us all with the same brush. In fact, dont use a brush with mine. Spray paint my shit.

Current projects you want to promote?

-I have music on my website, Check that out. And im featured on a bunch of blogs, including one by the very talented artist, J.Taylor (@artbyjtaylor on twitter). As well, my twitter is @SpiffyTiffyH, and Im really good about connecting and informing. But be ready for Black Fridai.

Any new projects in the works?

-Always. Singularly, Im always working. I love this too much not to. And collectively, Im a part of a crew called Black Fridai, and basically, we’re primed to take over. Check us out in StreetKode Magazine.

I know you’re connected with the fashion realm as well. Tell me about that.

-Gotta stay fitted. Lol. I used to be an assistant stylist. Didnt pay not NOTHIN, but it cultivated my knack for individual style, which I appreciate. Have partners who are doing their things, so love to promote them. Hit me up on twitter for more info. But definitely love fashion. High. Low. Doesnt matter. It’s in how YOU do it. And if I never have long dough, I’ll be just fine rummaging through thrift stores and cheap boutiques and wont give a damn.

Words of wisdom for the readers?

-Google and read The Desiderata.

Contact info for the fans?

–, @SpiffyTiffyH on twitter, and

Any artists, designers or team members you want to shout out?

-Absolutely want to give love and respect to my publicist, Lesha Ruffin. Check her out at My Coastal Conference family, Pro-Verb and Icon. Verb is a dope artist/producer who’s been a huge support. He also runs a very successful alcohol company called Coastal Waters, which everyone out here drinks ridiculously. And Icon is dope musically, too. And lastly,, (iPhone app),, BlackFridai, FOCUS for bein there from day 1 and being my ambassador of quan, JDoe, Krondon and SAS, Language Artz, LetsGo, Fresh for keeping me alive, Businessmen Music Group, Terrace Martin for lettin a chick spit poetry bars on his albums, Lucc, Dee and Mel (always), B Knockin for the love, all of 5th Ave, Will Penn, Sterling, Doc, my mom, dad, family and friends (and best friends Kim, SH, and LR), and my God. If excluded, just know its not deliberate. A motto often told to me is, “Fuck With Those Who Fuck With You”. If I fuck with you, its all love. And I’m a lover, baby.

Special thanks to T. Hobbs for the interview. Hope you like the layout, love.
From audioEMIT and J. Lyric… We OUT!
XXII – Breuckelen

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