My 2 Cents on this Whitney Houston Media Circus…

The media is THE WORST!

It is so funny how you can make her look horrible in the newspaper, putting that crazy looking picture of Whitney looking strung out on the front page and within the week leading up to her funeral, glorify her to no end.

AND THEN, while glorifying her, still make her out to be this monstrous drug addict who had no regard for her own well being.

Now I am in no way saying that she didn’t struggle with her addiction for the past couple decades, but the woman is in the ground now. Let her rest. She obviously kept you out of MOST of her troubles when she was alive, so why must you invade every speck of privacy she worked hard to keep you out of? Leave this woman be and let her rest.

I am tired of seeing all these shows and news reports on TV and the Internet showcasing her trials and tribulations. I even seen a show last night about how much money she was making from each show or tour she did. DISGUSTING…

The media needs to HAVE A DAMN SEAT!

That’s my 2 Cents…


#RespectTheCraft or Nah?

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