New Video: It All Belongs To Me – Monica & Brandy

14 years and 45 million sold records later, the ladies who gave us The Boy Is Mine are finally together again to record another duet and it is definitely a hit. This time around, there is no fighting over one man though. Monica and Brandy show their respective men that they have the power of possession in their new song, It All Belongs To Me. I know EVERY WOMAN that takes care of their men will be bumping this song at one point in time, LOL.

On another note, I am proud of Monica. Loved the album. This duet it hot. I can’t wait to see what Brandy has in store for her new album, which I think is going to be called Two Eleven, in memory of the late Whitney Houston. Don’t hold me to that though.

Anyway, here goes the video for It Belongs To Me

XXII – Breuckelen

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