Tell Your Story: Lone Wolf… David E. Beats

Much delayed but definitely here. He is a man of few words until he has a mic in hand, David E. Beats rather let his lyrical repertoire do the talking for him. Short and sweet, but here it is. Tell Your Story w/ the lone member of WHB, David E. Beats.

Why are you the lone member of WHB?

I am the lone member because no one can express me except me.

Explain your style of music?

My style of music is dopesauceness and fresh. I mix all genres, and play what comes from my heart.

What kind of music do you listen to?

I listen to alot of rock, like Muse, Mastadon, and rappers like Kanye and TI. I try to keep it diverse as well. Throwing in some Beirut, etc.

Do you listen to your own music?

I listen to my own music all of the time! If I didn’t, how could I expect you to? Lol!

Of all the tracks you’ve done, which is your favorite?

My most favorite song that I’ve done was Get Right. I just love the song, and kinda suprised myself production wise!

Which is your favorite to perform?

I really like performing my song Grown-ups. Its really cool, allows me to play guitar and rap at the same time.

Tell me about the track Ghost. What inspired it?

I had the beat for a while, like a few months, but it was unfinished. I came back to it around November and the entire song came to me. That’s how it happened. Lol.

What message do you want your listeners to get out of your music?

Be yourself, be you. I’m already taken. Lol!

Is there a special reason you are releasing a song every couple of days?

If your a rapper you should rap. If you make beats, then make a beat. Lol. It’s that simple.

Any upcoming projects or projects you want to promote?

#RENAISSANCE – my mixtape, hosted by DJ Mick Boogie on May 29th.

Words of wisdom for the readers?

Nope, just do you. I can’t tell yall how to do it, just handle your business!

Contact info for the fans?

@DavidEBeats on twitter!

Anyone you want to shout out?

#teamdopesauce and I AM PR Agency!

Special thanks to WHB, David E. Beats and his manager Olivia Dikambi for allowing me to do this interview.

XXII – Breuckelen

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