Album Review: The MF Life – Melanie Fiona

“I allowed myself to open up to a new sound and introduce myself to the world with this new sound. [Songs like “4 AM” and other leaked tracks] really got people paying attention to the entire album, and not just the song.” – Melanie Fiona on her new sound.

It’s her sophomore album. It’s been out for a week. The two singles for this song, mainly her smash hit 4 AM, came out last September.

Though many delays & adjustments pushed this album to it’s March 20 release date, including a label move from Motown to Universal Republic and delays to add the features to it, Melanie Fiona‘s “The MF Life” is here and it’s EVERYTHING for everyone going through the trials and tribulations of love.

Speaking of the features, the homie J. Cole graces the album on “This Time”, which is the next single of the album, I believe. John Legend, Nas, Drake and T-Pain are also featured on the album. Melanie shows great emotion on this album. She shows her vocal range. She sounds amazing. She looks gorgeous in her album photos.

“But if we would have put it out last year I wouldn’t have had the features on this album. I wouldn’t have the anticipation, I wouldn’t have the confidence in myself and the exposure of people hearing ‘The MF Life’ for the past year. It’s the perfect timing.” – Melanie Fiona looks at the bright side…

This album gets my recommendation.

Favorites off the album:

This Time
Break Down These Walls
Change The Record

“There were a lot of internal changes; and there’s [now] a third of the staff that used to be there three years ago. When you’re under the major label system, you can’t just put your music out, there are channels. It’s a little frustrating. Looking back, there was a time when I felt I needed to rush this album.” – Fiona on recording label shake up.


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