Trayvon Martin Controversy: My 2 Cents Update

Now first, on a very personal note, I want everyone to STOP GETTING LIFE off of the life that Trayvon Martin couldn’t live. All of you who are having parties in his name, claiming that you are giving the money to his family, CUT THE BULLSHIT! If it legitimately happens that way, fine, but to all you other assholes, that is the utmost disrespect. That is someones child. You are taking advantage of this child, in death, and you’re taking advantage of his heartbroken family. You receive no respect from me for such abuse of this tragedy.

Now… catch this tomfoolery here. They have the 911 tapes of 3 people the night Trayvon was killed. One was from Zimmerman, one from an eye witness who watched it happening and the last from a witness who heard cries for help and called the police. There are 3 main things I want you to pay attention to.

  1. The actions of Zimmerman, the tone of his voice and his responses to police.
  2. The reactions and descriptions of the eye witness.
  3. The reactions and descriptions of the witness who heard everything and the voice of the person crying for help.

The rest should be obvious, although these are pretty obvious themselves. Anyway…

I put this video last because this is the video where you can hear the cries for help. Those cries don’t sound like a 28 year old male. It sounds like a young man crying for help. Then, after the shot was fired, silence. Ridiculous and insane is what I am calling the justice system right now. This man should be jailed. The cops have tried all angles to twist this story or make it go away and nothing is working. This man should be jailed. He shot and killed an innocent 17 year old, unarmed man. There is no reason he should be free.

The eye witness has come forward about what she saw. She said that it took her so long because she was in fear for her life.

Listening to these angles to this tragedy had me speechless. I can’t imagine the grief this is causing for the Trayvon Martin’s family. My heart and condolences go out to the family.


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