Still Bumpin’: All of the Lights – Kanye West

The intro to this song is sick. The violins put you in another place musically…

Then the beat drops…

Undoubtedly, one of my FAVORITE Kanye West songs. Rihanna and Kid Cudi on the track. Vocals by Fergie, Charlie Wilson, John Legend, Tony Williams, Alicia Keys, La Roux, The Dream, Ryan Leslie, Alvin Fields and Ken Lewis. Hype Williams did an awesome job with the video and visuals, although I could definitely see why it has that warning in the beginning about epilepsy LOL.

Point blank, a sick track. I know y’all loved it as much as I did when it dropped, and that’s why it’s Still Bumpin’…

Kanye West – All of the Lights


I am a Citizen of Hip Hop. – Breuckelen
Music is my religion. – Jimi Hendrix

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