Handsome Men of Color III

It’s about that time for another 10 Handsome guys on aEM. I hope that ya’ll are diggin’ the new site and new logo. I’m very proud of what aEM is becoming. Anyway, got a mixture of talent here. Let’s hop to it…

Here’s Handsome Men of Color 21 – 30…

21. Lil Wayne: Hip Hop Artist/Entrepreneur
22. Tyler Perry: Actor/Playwright/Director/Producer/Entrepreneur
23. Trey Songz: Singer/Songwriter
24. Morris Chestnut: Actor
25. Montell Jordan: Singer/Songwriter
26. Earvin Magic Johnson: NBA Hall of Famer/Entrepreneur/Sportscaster
27: Steve Harvey: Actor/Comedian/Author
28. Hill Harper: Actor
29. Laz Alonzo: Actor
30. Pharrell Williams: Hip Hop Artist/Music Producer


I am a Citizen of Hip Hop. – Breuckelen
Music is my religion. – Jimi Hendrix

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