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By Blogette Miss Truth

Jun Wednesday, 13.

Is R&B back? New from Usher, Trey Songz, Ne-Yo, and Chris Brown

Usher comes back with the new hot album Looking 4 Myself, he def have erased the line between  pop and r&b. Me personally too much pop kills r&b, I know pop sells more but r&b is where my heart is, so I can enjoy SOME pop records but not a whole album of it from an r&b artist. So Usher gives the fans r&p (rhythm and pop) without going all the way over to pop. Instant faves are Twisted ft Pharell, I Care For You, I.F.U. 2nd Round. I feel this album can and will grow on me .. I give it 4 out of 6 kisses .. What are your thoughts on this album .. Def a change from Raymond Vs Raymond.

Next up is Trey Songz … (Muah)
Trey hit fans with a club banger after softening us up with Sex aint better than love and Heart Attack, he teamed up with Atlantic label mate T.I. and told us his 2 reasons for coming to the club Bitches And The Drinks straight forward right, something just to make us ladies shake in the club basically. Watch someone have a issue with him calling women bitches (old debate) Some women are just bitches accept it lol.. But watch out for that new album Chapter V coming Aug 21 peep the video for 2 reasons.

Ne-Yo’s Turn

…………. ………….

You’ve just been curved. Wanna turn that corner and find out about Ne-Yo and Chris Brown…?

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