2 Cents: Chris Brown, Drake & Rihanna Tomfoolery

This is what Chris Brown‘s face looks like after getting into a brawl @ a NY Nightclub in Soho.

I. CAN. NOT. with the foolishness that CB seems to get involved with all the time. Trouble seems to follow this man around. At this point, I can’t even fault him for it. It’s like he has bad chi or something.

He took to twitter and Instagram last nite to talk about/show what went on last nite.

“Niggas throwing bottles! Y’all niggas weak!”
“Ok! Niggas stand behind security!!! Ok! U don’t pay them enough!”
“Niggas is pussy!”

Apparently, there has been beef between Drake and Chris Brown recently after Drake and Rihanna were spotted together in Miami recently. Meek Mill took to twitter last nite as well saying “It wasn’t me…. (shaggy voice) lol”. He’s involved because of a month old rumor about him being romantically linked to Rihanna which lead to Chris Brown taking him off of his track.

Last nights tomfoolery was sparked after CB & Drake’s entourages got into it and then it was an all out brawl that made the club look like this.

It also gave Chris Brown’s bodyguard a huge wound to his head. This photo is graphic, so in respect to my squeamish readers, I’ll post the link, not the photo. – Click Here

It is definitely a big issue. There is an investigation going on to find out what happened. It made the news. It’s on all the blog sites (obviously). I need this bad chi that CB has following him to disappear. There is too much going on with him. Sheesh!

Here is audio of an eye witness to the brawl.


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