King James Reclaims His Throne, Ties the Series 1-1

It was Miami ALL GAME LONG. The Oklahoma City Thunder kept fighting back, even with a bad goaltending call in the second and a foul that was never called against LeBron James in the final seconds, but they couldn’t bring it together and they fall to the Miami Heat, 100 – 96. This Miami win breaks the Thunder’s undefeated playoff win streak at the Chesapeake Energy Arena, making it 9 – 1 and tying up the series, 1 – 1.

The Matchup:

The Dynamic Duo of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook vs. the Big 3 of Wade, Bosh and James.

Winner of Game 2 – King James is sitting high up on the throne with the Heat after this Game 2 victory.

We were able to play a little more to our disposition & identity more consistently tonight. That was probably the biggest factor. – Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra

Tale of the tape:

The Thunder didn’t really pick it up after falling behind in the first to an 18 – 2 run until the 4th quarter. Their defense waned and was very porous. Early foul trouble for KD & Westbrook was also part of their downfall. James Harden was their savior for the night. He was on point from the word go. He was a big reason that they were able to stay in the game until the 4th, where KD & Westbrook found the range and began to hit shots. Miami outscored OKC 27 – 15 in the 1st. OKC started to fix their rotations in the 2nd and 3rd, tying Miami for 28 and then outscoring them 24 – 23. They then outscored Miami 29 – 22 in the 4th but can’t pull it together, losing the game by 4 pts. Again, all game long, Shane Battier from the arc, SPLASH SPLASH SPLASH! His second Finals game with 17 pts. Wade played a great, aggressive game, a big change from Game 1. Westbrook was very sporadic with his shot selection in this game, trying to match Miami’s tempo and didn’t quite get it. He started the game off 1 for 8. Chris Bosh also had a big game, mostly on the backboards, starting his first Finals game after being on bench reserve with an injury.

The Heat had the better shooting percentage tonight, going 47.4% from the field against OKC’s 43%.

LeBron James hit 12 of 12 free throws on the night, making this only the second time of his career that he’s hit 12 in a row.


Dwayne Wade had an exceptional game, exploiting the defense, giving them hell. He proves that his post game is still existent. He ended the game with 24 pts, 50% from the field, 6 reb, 5 ast.
James also had a great game against the Thunder. He finished with 32, 12 of those pts from the foul line, 8 reb, 5 ast.
Bosh, starting his first game of the series, had 16 pts, 2 blk and 15 boards, big day on the glass.
Shane Battier again w/ 17 pts, 6 for 8 from the field, 5 for 7 from the arc.

Durant, after a rough start, finished with 32, going 12 for 22 and adding 3 reb and 2 stl. He had 4 from deep. Early foul trouble for him though. He also picked up 5 fouls throughout the game.
Westbrook, who also started off rough going 1 for 8 in the first mins of the 1st and picking up 2 early fouls as well, ended strong with 27 pts, 8 reb and 7 ast.
Harden, the Thunder man of the night for keeping them alive in the first 2 quarters, ended with 21 pts (7 for 11 from the field), 4 reb, 2 ast.

They played attack basketball and got us on our heels. We have to play better from the very start. We missed shots and gave them too many easy shots. They have three great players and all three had great games. – Thunder head coach Scott Brooks

We can’t start off 18 and 2. We can’t get down that much especially at home we gotta correct it. I gotta stay positive and keep workin. – Kevin Durant

Tweets after the game:

Again, Kevin Durant entering into legend territory.

Game 3 shifts to Florida. It’s Oklahoma City @ Miami, Sunday. 8PM on ABC!


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