Sneakerhead: Louis Vuitton Tribe Sneakers

These are HOT! Love the two tone outsole, the LV pattern on the toe cap and heel, the V patchwork. Just a hot new version of the Louis Vuitton Tribe sneaker collection. Very clean look to throw on with a nice pair of jeans, hard denim, preferably.

Louis V is also doing big things with their spokes-models. Their latest one, Muhammad Ali and his 3 yr old grandson C.J.. Ali’s grandson, who is the son of Laila Ali‘s & husband, ex – NFL player and Fox LA sports commentator Curtis Conway, dons boxing gloves while grandad sits besides him with a LV Keepall 50 travel bag at his feet in the ad.

Soccer star Pelé, former president of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev and Angelina Jolie also join the star packed LV roster.


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Music is my religion. – Jimi Hendrix

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