“Obama Is First Monkey President” Claims GOP Arizona Radio Host

Really? … sigh …


I just CANNOT with the constant backwards motions of minorities in this country! It is nothing less than baffling to hear some of the negatives that minorities dish out to minorities. It’s bad enough that we can’t get rid of the word “nigga” and we can’t get rid of this stereotypical sagging epidemic, which is what gay men do in jail to let everyone know they can have access to their ass for sex! (Please tell your friends who sag. Seriously…) Ugh…

Now onto the tomfoolery of the day. Barbara Espinosa, Arizona radio host of the show “Hair on Fire,” has called President Barack Obama the nation’s first monkey president, on the air, according to FoxNews.com. Now clearly you understand my rant about minorities above.

This comment came after a caller named Richard starting going off about the president and the people who voted for “the idiot” in the White House. He also went on to say that he calls the president “Rabbit Ears”. Espinosa then responds by saying “Well, I don’t call him ‘Rabbit Ears’  I call him a monkey… I don’t believe in calling him the first Black president, I call him the first Monkey president.” You can clearly hear people in the background saying “Oh my god” in the background after her comment.

Another gentleman on the phone, Joe, then responded…

This show just took a very interesting turn. I’ll be honest with you; It’s amazing that people who supposedly care about freedom are unwilling to be tolerant of any other idea other than their own. You know, I’m not saying their ideas are right, but how about citing them intellectually instead of calling names. I have to say to you, the few things I just heard, they’re insulting. I mean, straight up insulting, and I think anyone listening would feel the same way. I think that if all you’re trying to do is get a little bit of notoriety by what you said and maybe that will bring some attention to your show,  well you know, that’s your choice, but you know what, that was wrong.

After which Joe and Richard hung up the phone.

Espinosa went to her blog to set the record straight, but the blog is now deleted. She also took to her Facebook page, which has also been deleted, saying…

I did use the word monkey and Obama in the same sentence. Yes I did say I voted for the white guy. Unless there has been a takeover of America and free speech is no longer allowed and I can be put to death for making a remark, I refuse to take th…

The post is incomplete because she apparently didn’t “feel comfortable writing it and signing it after she said it.” AddictingInfo.com, another site that seen the blog before she deleted it, reports “she refuses to take the fifth.” Then, adding salt to the already gaping wound, she posted articles about monkeys and the theory of evolution.

Click here for the audio to the show.

I just cannot with this FOOLISHNESS. I applaud Obama for taking this criticism in stride, at least for the cameras. Because I know damn well he is cussin’ up a storm behind closed doors and ears. SMMFH.

Sigh… I’m over it.

Any thoughts?


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