The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season Premiere Was…

A HOT ASS MESS! I’m not even into reality TV like that but this show is crazy. I thought the regular L&HH was a mess, smh. You have a cast of these women in the industry:

K. Michelle, ex girlfriend to Memphitz.
Mimi Faust, longtime girlfriend of music producer, Stevie J.
ATL born rapper Rasheeda, whose married to her manager, Kirk Frost.
Karlie Redd, Trinidadian singer and rapper, looking to make it big time and is rep’d by Cash Money Management. Her boyfriend is Antonio Reid, L.A. Reid’s son.
Joseline Hernandez, latina rapper who is managed by Stevie J.
Erica Dixon, Lil Scrappy‘s current girlfriend.

Then you have the side stories:

Momma Dee, old time pimp and hustler and overprotective mom of Lil Scrappy.
Stevie J, music producer, manager to Joseline and boyfriend of Mimi Faust.
Lil Scrappy, boyfriend of Erica Dixon.

Now lemme give you the BS that happened on this show. First of all, Momma Dee is all UP AND THROUGH Scrappy’s relationship with Erica and we all know how that can turn out. As Erica stated on the show, she clearly overstepped her boundaries as a mother by entering the relationship of her son. Momma Dee don’t look like anyone to mess with though. She an OG LOL.

The even bigger issue though was the CLEAR infidelity going on with Stevie J. During the beginning of the show, he was trying to get his life together with Mimi. She wasn’t hearing it. She knew DAMN WELL what the plot was behind trying to get her to move far out of the city while he stays there to “work” and do him. As the show progress, the latina chick Joseline, pops up and talks all this hot shit about her loving him and being with him forever. They were touchy feely in the studio, at a business meeting and at a party, where Mimi confronted him about his cheating.

Stevie is CLEARLY cheating… -_-

Things don’t look any better, as the previews for next episode show him kissing the Joseline chick and getting kicked out of the house by Mimi. As Kanye said… that shit cray. Entirely too much drama, but I give it to VH1, they know how to keep the audience buzzing with these reality shows. I suggest y’all watch this one and that is surprising coming from me.


I am a Citizen of Hip Hop. – Breuckelen
Music is my religion. – Jimi Hendrix

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  1. Oh my goodness, I did not want to miss this how on VH1 so I had my Hopper record it for me when it came on. I got off my shift at Dish and went and watched it and this season started with a lot of drama! I couldn’t believe how Stevie J was playing Mimi. I mean yeah it looks like Joseline is wrong but it’s not entirely her. This entire season is going to be recorded on my Hopper since I got plenty of room on it. I wonder whose Joseline is pregnant by.


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