BRICKS – New Gay Reality Show

First time I heard about this show, I got a text message from a promoter, who just so happens to be a star on the show. Next time was from a former roommate of mine. Since I’d been hearing about it, I decided I was going to check it out when I had a chance. Before I got that chance, I had the opportunity to chat with the director of the show, Mike Rice.

The show is about a group of gay men in New York City trying to make their dreams come true. It differs from the rest because these are your average everyday guys who are working to be something, instead of the typical, already rich reality stars you’re used to.

Cast Members: Angyl Valentino, Brian Nieh, Clyde, Damion Gordon, Frank Williams, Nunney Karma, Rob Smith, Ronnie Williams and Patricks Johnson.

There’s a lot of drama, a lot of “cattiness”… everything most enjoy from a reality show. Check it out. Give some feedback. What do you think?


1 Comment

  1. Mad wack yo all dem niggaz are hoes and be on jackd and grindr my homie fucked the model Brian in front of his homie he lives in the village.


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