MTA Fares Rising… Again.

The MTA plans to raise the fares again in March 2013… -__-

As WELL as slashing the 7% discount that is currently available on Pay Per Ride Metrocards…

This is going to piss off a lot of New Yorkers. A lot of us depend on that small luxury given to us some years back and we are sick of these rising costs. Being one of the biggest money consuming cities in the nation, I think the MTA should of gotten a small bailout or something. Sheesh! The cost of living here is already ridiculous compared to other big cities and out of state period. Soon, our whole paycheck is going to go to the MTA.

All of these bagillion projects they have going on needs to be done so we don’t have to pay so damn much to get to a from places within the city we call home.

I’m over it. I hope all of you NYer’s are too… SMH

Signed, breuckelen.

Music is my RELIGION. – Jimi HENDRIX

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