Wyclef Jean Comes Clean on The Fugees… Sorta

He finally broke his silence! Well… sorta.

In an article ran in the Daily News, he recently did an interview with Anthony Bozza about his upcoming books, “Purpose: An Immigrant’s Story” being the first of 7. In this interview, he admits that his relationship with Fugees group member Lauryn Hill is what broke up them up, but he did NOT say the words “I broke up the Fugees”.

(Of course it involves Lauryn.)

It was like we were outlaws in love.

The Fugees hit the scene in 1996 with their Grammy Award winning album “The Score”. Best Rap album of the year, it went multiplatinum and was critically acclaimed worldwide. By 1997, the group was disbanded. The public blames Jean and so did Pras Michel, the group’s third member.

We had fights on the plane… we had huge fights, and a few times when it went down, she started swinging at me right there in the seats. People would scatter. We never got arrested, but we came close a few times in Europe.

Here’s the kicker though, he married his wife, Claudinette, while this mess was going on. Wyclef’s response –  “I was in the middle, and each of them was passionate about me in different ways. … I definitely felt I couldn’t help myself”.

2 years later, Lauryn released “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” and shattered ceilings, becoming the first woman to win 5 Grammy’s in one night. Then she went dark, getting involved with Rohan Marley, one of Bob Marley’s many children, and had 5 children by him.

(I said the same thing…)

Jean believes that her album was about their relationship… “Her whole album was about her trying to make sense of our relationship, and when I listen to ‘Miseducation,’ it’s like reading a story of our personal history. When it came out, all the girls hated me,” he says laughing.

When it comes to her going dark, he won’t take credit for that. Everyone believed that he was the one that “messed her up” and made her turn into the sparingly present artist we know now, but Jean says that’s not the case. I’ve been told by many angry people who were also her fans that if I hadn’t messed with her, she would not have gone so insane. … If a man is in a relationship with a female and the man leaves the female, and she goes in a relationship with another man and has five children with that guy and things start going crazy, can you say, ‘Ah, if that first guy never messed up, then everything would have been, you know…”

(Needless to say, he ain’t tryna hear it.)

I’m glad that he finally cleared the air, even without him taking the entire blame for the group’s disbandment. It’s about time, honestly.

Signed, breuckelen.

Music is my RELIGION. – Jimi HENDRIX

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