New Music: State of the Art – Voli

I recently learned of an old/new artist by the name of Voli (formerly known as Volatile), who definitely has a good sound, a good flow and good connections, all things that you need in today’s music market. He is a friend of J. Cole, an artist that I enjoy listening to, so he already had half my vote. The other half came from the video for State of the Art, in which Voli takes the VMA nominated Gotye‘s song and makes it his own, but manages to keep many of the original elements intact. That in itself is a feat that most artist don’t care to do when covering a song.

Check out the recent press release on Voli and State of the Art, which of course includes a link to the video, which is featured on Consequence of Sound. Show him some love and give some feedback. Tell us what you think…

OH! And MAKE SURE you are looking out for a new video from Voli, being released right here on audioEMIT!



Consequence Of Sound has the world premiere of new music video, “State Of The Art” from versatile artist/producer Voli. The track/video is an interpolation on the originals by worldwide pop sensation Gotye. In addition to the original elements, Voli adds touches to the original instrumental including live guitar and also directed/edited the video. See video premiere below:

Talking about his lyrical impetus for the track and Gotye’s influence on him Voli says, “It’s symbolic of society’s infatuation with new technology. I think Gotye expressed that perfectly in the original video. Lyrically, I took it from the approach of how music in the past few years has been progressing towards a more innovative sound. At the same time, though, this oversaturation of music and the way people are consuming it at such a fast rate is sort of a catch 22. People aren’t really letting the music sink in. So I look at my rendition as somewhat of a ‘state of the union’ for art.”

Over the past decade, Voli has grown from being a teenage hip hop emcee (initially known as Volatile) to a well-rounded musician with a diverse set of influences. He has steadily built a strong base of admirers through posting tracks through the blogosphere as well as being active in the New Jersey/New York live music scene. Among his choice comrades is one of the most successful of the new breed of emcee, J. Cole. Cole and Voli have produced/appeared on tracks for each other over the past few years including “Sound Of Love.” An extended version of this track appears on The Wall Sampler which features a selection of diverse tracks from Voli highlighting what is to come with his upcoming full-length, “The Wall.”

Another track on the sampler includes Voli re-working of the single “Lady” from the electronic group, Chromatics. Speaking on his incorporation of alternative music and world music into a hip hop springboard Voli says “One day I might be listening to Feist, and then the next day I might be listening to Bob Marley. So my interests in music are very all over the place.” This also extends from his production arsenal expanding from software to live instruments including guitar and violin. “I’m not afraid to experiment with any kind of instrument. I love synthesized sounds, but there is something about a live instrument that you cannot replicate with any software. It just adds a whole new layer.”

Voli’s education in sociology and past work in the field of behavioral/social sciences has helped give his music a human feel relatable to the everyday man or woman, but with a worldly sound that can be felt across the globe.

Download The Wall Sampler for free here:

More info:

Signed, breuckelen.

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