NBA Season Opener: Celtics/Heat

NBA on TNT! 20.296 in attendance at American Airlines Arena in Miami for the 1st game of the 12-13 season. Tonight’s opener showed us just what the championship defending Miami Heat had to offer this season. About 3 minutes into the 4th, the Heat were already up 100 – 85, but let’s start from the beginning…

With a 8p tip-off coming up, the Heat had their first championship ring ceremony since the 05-06 season, when Dwayne Wade was the Finals MVP. This time around, it was Lebron James getting his MVP ovation and his first ring since entering the league with the Cleveland Cavaliers. D Wade and James were seen rubbing the championship banner before the game, as it was being raised. Then came tip off!

Both the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics were awaiting this game. Miami, eager to claim their place atop the NBA ranks and Boston eager to take out their rivals, who took them out in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals last season. The biggest shake up from the beginning of the night, #34 Ray Allen playing for the enemy. He played his last 5 seasons with the Celtics, who have been Miami’s rivals throughout those years. Kevin Garnett, his former teammate, seen above giving Allen the cold shoulder as he addressed his former coach, Doc Rivers, and the rest of the coaching staff. Now let’s roll to the tape…

The first two quarters, defense was not an option. All offense for both teams and both teams going on a tear, but it was Miami pulling it out with the points. Dwayne Wade’s first couple of minutes didn’t go to well. He was forcing a lot of shots and loosing the ball a bit too much for his teams liking. Ray Allen came off the bench in his debut game with the Heat, hitting that sweet signature 3 pointer from the corner, scoring 19 by the games end. Lebron showed why he was MVP last year, taking it to the Celtics lack of defense with slams, layups, 3’s… the works.

The Celtics also came out with a vengeance. Paul Pierce, on a tear, running the floor all night and getting the 3 to fall. New additions Courtney Lee and Leandro Barbosa showing up big for Boston. They gave the Celtics a running game that they’ve been missing for a few years. Courtney Lee played lock down D on Wade all night. Barbosa only missed 2 shots on the night. He came out in the 4th strong, 9 pts, 4-4 in the first 4 mins of the quarter. Rajon Rondo making plays all night, but hit the bench at the end of the game with a flagrant.



Paul Pierce ended the night with 23, 5 ast and reb, hitting 2 from deep and 9 for 9 at the line. Rondo with 20 on the night, 9 for 14 on the night with 13 ast. Dimes is what they call that. Barbosa ended with 16 coming of the bench. His only two misses coming at the end of his 15 mins on the floor. Brandon Bass had 15 with 11 reb and Garnett finished with 9 and 12 reb.


Reigning MVP Lebron James sat out most of the 4th with leg cramps but ended the game with 26 pts and 10 reb on the night. Wade finished with the game high 29 pts, 3 reb and 4 ast on the night. Chris Bosh and Ray Allen both end with 19. Bosh had 10 reb to compliment the points, most of those coming in the 4th quarter with James and Wade on the bench. Ray Allen went 7 for 8 from the line and hit 2 from deep.

An awesome performance by both teams on both ends of the floor. Miami ended the game, stopping a late run by the Celtics and winning the game 120 – 107.

Signed, breuckelen.

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