Sneakerhead: Supra Skytop & Vaider

Supra styles Skytop and Vaider are becoming classics, popping up all over on everyone’s feet and they have two new shoes for you dubbed the “Satellite Pack.”

First, a favorite from Supra, the Skytop is covered with the Raptor TUF body, red accents on the on the midsole and other key parts. lightweight SUPRAFOAM sole w/ striated sidewalls to stop impact wrinkles and black rubber traction pods to increase your board feel on the sole.

The Vaider gets the TUF treatment, but on the front of the sneaker. Grey body, turquoise & white accents and a white midsole. Padded mesh tongue and grey laces. It also has the lightweight SUPRAFOAM sole that the Skytop has.

You can find both styles at Supra retailers and their online store.

Signed, breuckelen.

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Music is my RELIGION. – Jimi HENDRIX

#RespectTheCraft or Nah?

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