The NY Islanders Are Moving to Barclay’s Center!

Brooklyn just keeps getting better with another major league sports push coming in 2015. The 107 – 100 season opening win by the Brooklyn Nets was just icing on the cake after NHL fans got official word that the New York Islanders are moving to Barclay’s Center for the 2015 – 16 season.

The announcement about the 25 year agreement was made at the GEICO Atrium inside Barclay’s, at a press conference where the attendees included Mayor Bloomberg, BK Borough President Marty Markowitz, Islander GM Garth Snow, Barclay’s Center CEO Brett Yormark and NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman.

There will be 14,500 seats available for Islander games. Current season ticket holders get first dibs for season tickets in Brooklyn. All others looking to obtain season tickets must put down a deposit to get them early. Oh… and don’t worry, the name and logo of the team will not change with the move.

Big Brooklyn welcome to the NY Islanders!

Signed, breuckelen.

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