The Next President of the United States is…

The 44th President of the US has now become the 45th President of the US. (He will still be considered 44th in the history books. This is celebratory.)


As stated on the announcement page, audioEMIT is a proud supporter of President Obama and the Democratic Party and we are elated to see that he has succeeded in securing another 4 year as President. Great win for everyone… The President and the nation. 4 more years and the future looks quite bright. Congratulations Mr. President.

You made history 4 years ago by becoming the first African American man to become President and you have done it again here in 2012.

So once again, we here at audioEMIT are proud and excited to call Barack Obama our president for another 4 years.


Signed, breuckelen.

Diversifying Sound Waves & Shattering Barriers.
Music is my RELIGION. – Jimi HENDRIX

#RespectTheCraft or Nah?

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