Chris Brown Deletes His Twitter… Again & His New Tat Raises Heads

Chris Brown

When will the critics get enough?

Chris Brown deletes his twitter, for the third time since 2009 because of the same issue, Rihanna. This time, it’s because of a writer named Jenny Johnson, who I didn’t even know existed until yesterday. Now two things,

1. Why, Chris, are you still letting these people get to you about something that has, in reality, become irrelevant with recent events/interactions w/ Rihanna?

Now as I’ve stated in previous 2 Cents post on this issue, I am in no way condoning what Chris Brown did. He was wrong, point blank. But these two people, since then, have moved on, reconciled and are even taking cute little pictures together as if nothing happened. I’m pretty sure they both remember it happened, since NO ONE will let it rest. In all essence, you’re beating a dead horse.

Chris Brown needs to cool his tits as well. He didn’t have to say anything else, hours later. He could’ve kept being the bigger man and left it alone. He should know by now that every step he takes is seen and judged. Tread softly, dude.

2. Why, Jenny, are you still harassing this man about his actions when he and Rihanna have reconciled and moved on with life?

Chris also decided to show off some new ink on his neck, which his rep says depicts a figure dealing w/ the Mexican Day of the Dead celebration. Of course, by the way the tattoo looks, they would say it’s Rihanna. It’s a woman’s face… alive on one side, dead on the other, but it resembles a beaten woman.

He probably got it to mess with the media. I think the ink is hot and honestly don’t think it resembles Rihanna. But I’m just one of the critics with an opinion, right?

Signed, breuckelen.

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