Clash of the Boroughs: Brooklyn Nets vs. New York Knicks


If Monday’s game was any sign of what this battle will be like, we are in for a hell of a rivalry. This was the game that a lot of people, not just NY/Brooklyn basketball fans, were waiting to see since Hurricane Sandy postponed the first game on November 1st. It was a roller coaster ride for NY Knicks and Brooklyn Nets fans. The game was kept close, with NY leading for most of the game and at the end of the 4th… NO ONE was victorious and they headed into overtime w/ the game tied at 86. In the overtime period, the Knicks only managed 3 pts, while the Nets put up 10, winning the first battle 96 – 89.

Now there are many arguments for both teams, the biggest ones being defense and bench depth, since both teams have proved that they can score on offense, even when some key players aren’t up to par. New York has an older bench (Marcus Camby, Rasheed Wallace) w/ some streaky shooters (Raymond Felton, J.R. Smith) but their edge is the defense they have both on the floor and bench. They have the ability to lock the post up and spread the floor w/ players like Carmelo Anthony and Steve Novak coming off the bench to help on offense.


Brooklyn has this depth from their starters, but not so much from their bench. What they do have is the fresher, younger legs coming off the bench and a bunch of role players that, when they get into the game, can be major players. Reggie Evans, Jerry Stackhouse and Keith Bogans all showed this during Monday’s game. Their other bench players, w/ development, can make bigger strides in the coming seasons.

The overall feel of the game, intense! Both Knicks and Nets fans in the building, both headstrong for their respective teams. The teams actually battling on the boards and battling for leverage in a close game. The Nets were able to pull this one out, but there are 3 more match-ups before the season is over. Whose going to win the series?

Spike Lee Knicks/Nets Promo

Knicks Vs. Nets Recap

The next Clash of the Boroughs happens on Dec. 11, 2012, 7PM ET in Brooklyn!

Signed, breuckelen.

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