Tell Your Story: DUMI Right Spits Rhymes from HOME

Traveling and collaboration is part of the job when you’re an artist and this man is no exception. His world travels and world collaborations do little to describe his lyrics and overall outlook on hip hop culture. ANOTHER dope artist from Ariel Publicity for your reading pleasure.

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Dumi Right: Bio


Dumi RIGHT’s latest album, Connect The Dots, is his first solo project and features emcees from across Africa – including Ghana, Senegal, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Nigeria, Botswana, and Zimbabwe. The album is a metaphor for unity across the continent; it connects each unique part of the continent through the collective creation of the hip hop record. Topics range from the pursuit of freedom across the globe to artistic integrity and independence. The album maintains the gritty, classic hip hop flavor that Dumi has exhibited in all his previous projects with thought provoking lyrics and poignant wordplay over a backdrop of rugged beats from some of the underground’s finest producers. The scope and scale of the project alone is a first with the geographic and cultural diversity on the record.

The release features production work by Coptic (who has produced for P-Diddy, KRS-ONE, Smif and Wessun and more), as well as Cadence, Saint and ST Mic, Subatomic Sounds and Young Cee. The album also includes as a bonus, previously unreleased exclusive remixes of tracks with hip hop luminaries YZ, Chubb Rock, C Rayz Walz, Breez Evahflowin’ and Vast Aire.

Dumi RIGHT was first introduced to audiences in back in hip hop’s golden age as a member of Zimbabwe Legit — the pioneering crew widely regarded as the first African hip hop group to gain international recognition. In the years since then, he has remained immersed in the culture and business of hip-hop releasing a number of noteworthy album projects and performing all across the country and the world stage.

Some of his accomplishments and accolades have included an award in the Numark Musical Innovator contest and a win and two nominations for Washington Area Music Awards. His music endeavors have received critical acclaim in publications worldwide including sites like Okayplayer, ArtofRhyme and publications like Dazed and Confused (UK), Hip Hop Connection (UK), XLR8R, Scratch magazine, Superfly (Italy), Rap Mag (France). He has a solid discography of album releases including the acclaimed Zimbabwe Legit – House of Stone, O.U.O – of unknown origin, Alternate Reality and a slew of guest appearances, compilations and mixtapes released worldwide.

Dumi RIGHT has even received a ringing endorsement from the legendary poet Nikki Giovanni in a poem she created at his request for an interlude on the O.U.O album. As she poignantly states, “I am Nikki Giovanni, I poet of unknown origin, I taught Dumisani, he poets too.”

As one publication put it, “The first African rap group to truly reach an international audience, Zimbabwe Legit came equipped with an amazing sense of humor, fierce politics, and a sharp understanding of history.” With the album Connect the Dots, Dumi is set on carrying on that tradition and keeping the global hip hop torch burning.

Dumi operates his own production company pH MUSIC. pH Music, LLC is the entity that conducts the business affairs of Zimbabwe Legit, O.U.O and other affiliates. The name stands for pure Hip-Hop and progressive Hip-Hop, which is driving force behind the establishment of the company and exactly what the label was created to help propagate.

Dumi also serves as a member of the board of the Songwriter’s Association of Washington as a way to help out other artists in the local music scene through events, workshops and outreach.

Playing on the term pH as it relates to chemistry, pH Music was founded to offer up a balance in the voices heard in hip-hop. Just as acid counters alkaline, negative images and subject matter need progressive messages to ensure that people realize that hip-hop artists have many varied stories to tell.

Brothers Akim and Dumi epitomize the philosophy of global hip hop. While they might have moved to the States to live out their hip hop dreams, lyrically their focus is strongly rooted in the social and political climate of their homeland. They’ve taken the musical cues of groups like Naughty By Nature, ATCQ and early De La Soul, and molded them to create a curiously up beat backdrop for the struggles and ideas spawned from daily life in Africa. The style is instantly recognizable, but it’s pretty unlikely you’ve heard anything quite like this before. Beat Magazine.



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