New Music: Replaced – Ryan Lane


Triple Threat Ryan Lane has officially embarked on his solo career with the release of the heartfelt single Replaced, which was written by Ryan Lane, Mike Glover and Lady & The Tramp and produced by Mike Glover, and Karon Graham. Replaced is the lead single from Ryan Lane’s soon to be released debut ep and is available on iTunes.


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New York-bred singer/songwriter Ryan Lane had early dreams of becoming an entertainer. Inspired by the likes of Brandy, Joe and Usher, Ryan Lane hoped that one day he would be able to inspire others just the same as his musical influences inspired him.

Ryan Lane began his professional music career as a member of the Harlem Boys Choir. As a part of the Harlem Boys Choir, Lane was able to develop his musical talent and had the opportunity to travel the world, sharing the stage with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Michael Bolton and The Backstreet Boys.

In 2007, Ryan Lane joined the R&B group Project 718. Project 718 went on to sign their first record deal with Capitol Records.

In early 2012, Ryan Lane decided that it was time to take his career into his own hands and blaze his own trail as a solo artist.

Besides his music interest, Ryan Lane shares his music gift and dancing abilities with children around New York City, teaching at a local Mt. Vernon elementary school and holding weekend dancing classes. In Ryan Lane’s mentoring, he encourages others to follow their dreams and focuses on the importance of self-esteem, something his mentor Terry Wright taught him. Although his mentor passed away a few years ago, Ryan Lane is determined to show Wright’s legacy through his work.

“I want people to know that if you have a dream, you should live it. I feel that I am here for a purpose and that is to teach through my music.”

Ryan Lane is currently in the studio working on his first solo EP, which will embrace his R&B roots. “I want to bring R&B music back to the way it was when I grew up, great music and real love songs”. Although Ryan Lane is influenced by the many great artists that have come before him, the singer is looking forward to bringing a new energy to R&B music.

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