Fashion’s Night Out Nixed for 2013


Having been a part of the recent years of this event, it makes me sad to hear that Fashion’s Night Out, here in the US, is cancelled for 2013. Vogue and CDFA, the organizers of the event, have decided not to have the event this year, seeing how much strain the event actually puts on businesses.

FNO started in 2009 to help revive the struggling retail industry, then still affected by the recession. From there, it grew into a global event, happening in Milan, Paris and other known fashion centers around the world. Seeing how retailers and designers now have to invest more into the night as it’s grown, the fashion big wigs decided to nix the event for the year.

Hopefully this is not a permanent thing. Fashion’s Night Out has become a staple of fashion culture, even in these infantile years.

Signed, JayeB.
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