AL BASICS Makes His NY Return Riding a Paradox

If you didn’t know already, New York City creates poets. Whether it is JAY Z or Nina B, two amazing artists from two different stages in the game, when you find them in their niche, you won’t be disappointed.

No exception to this is AL BASICS, a regular here at aEM, and he is back from Tucson, A.Z., gracing the city streets again in full form to handle not one, but two games this world offers. It’d be better if we let him tell it…

Al Basics performing at Knitting Factory

You’ve been back in NY for a few months now. How was the welcome back?

It’s been great to be back. There’s no place like New York City in the world. It’s like starting over, since I spent the last couple of years making an imprint on the west coast, but I’m determined the make my mark in Queens. I’ve already performed at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, and actually have a couple shows and a small tour coming early this summer. “Like” me on Facebook to stay updated with my latest moves!

Was your experiences in Tucson beneficial to you?

Definitely. Tucson was my training grounds. I learned a lot about what to do on stage and what not to do. I was lucky enough to perform a lot in almost all the venues the city has to offer, which brought my comfort levels way up. There’s a lot of talent in that city as well, which was great to make sure my pen game was sharp. I’ve already been back there once since moving to Queens to rock a show and it was awesome. That’s my second home, I got a lot of fam out there. I’ll always go back.

How did it help you develop as an artist?

Tucson is a small city where everybody knows everybody in the Hip-Hop scene. I got to learn the ins and outs of doing business; setting up shows, trying to get on shows, selling tickets, pushing albums, selling merch, etc. I felt I had more to prove because I was an outsider, so my grind had to be harder than the next dude just making local anthems. Tucson helped me set the bar of what my grind as an artist would become.


There’s also a large writing community that inspires me. One of my current favorite writers, Isaac Kirkman, who I also have the honor of calling my friend, helps me keep my literary sword sharp. He’s the founding member of the Low Writers collective, which I’m lucky to now be a part of. It’s basically a Wu-Tang version of dope writers from all different backgrounds.

Now I follow your movements via Facebook, tell me, how’s your first glimpse of parenthood? (And congratulations BTW!)

Thank you! It’s been single-handedly my greatest moment and accomplishment ever. There’s no greater moment than holding my son in my arms, knowing I’m responsible for him and looking him in the eye. I thought I had reached the top of my grind mode, but my son lit a new flame I didn’t know was possible. Shout outs to my little scholar, Allan!

Gimme some background on the latest EP you released, Paradox.

Paradox is entirely produced by HanSolo. The goal was to make it sound like half of an album, to leave people wanting more. It was also a huge thank you to all my fans for the success of my album “The Sound of Sense” and the rapidly growing success of the lead video/single “Resurrection (Queens Is Back)”. It’s also an appetizer to the next album me and HanSolo will be dropping together in the future. You can get the EP for FREE by going here: Paradox EP Download 

Any new songs coming in honor of the little one?

There’s already a song out there for my son. The song is called “To Allan”. The beginning actually features my son’s heartbeat from one of the appointments before his arrival. It’s my attempt at bringing a father’s advice to a son to life through a boom bap produced by my good friend, and the Godfather of my son HanSolo. You can get the song for FREE by going here:

The song is also on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and every other major online distributor.

You heard the man, go download his EP, Paradox, at Paradox EP Download. It’s DOPE. His spoken word outro, I Am Nothing, CRAZY. The dedication track to his son, To Allan, another great track, is also on the EP.

Once again, congratulations to AL on the release of the EP and on the birth of his newborn boy Allan. We wish you all the best.

Signed, JayeB.
4 sides 3 gmail

NOW Stream the Paradox EP right here on aEM!


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