90s Dance Music w/ a ’13 Crystal Waters Twist

Dance music was huge in the 90s, but kind of slipped off in the early 2000s. It’s recently made a huge resurgence and 90s Dance came with it… well, a very important part of it, anyway.

For my 80s babies, and some from the 90s, this woman needs no introduction. I mentioned to a few people who I was doing a post on and they immediately started singing her songs. I had the awesome opportunity to interview a great in the 90s Dance music world, and you know I love me some 90s music, Ms. Crystal Waters.

Crystal Waters1

First off, how are you today?

I’m Great! Very nice to meet you.

If you don’t know who she is, visit the media page and hit play on either Gypsy Woman or 100% Pure Love, get your jam on, then come on back to finish reading this interview.

Let’s jump right into the latest single you have out, Oh Mama Hey. It’s with Chris Cox & DJ Frankie, and after 8 weeks peaked at #1 on the Billboard Dance/Club Play Songs chart in March. 

How did the song come about? 

Well it’s a fun story. I was in Atlanta attending Robin S’s wedding. After the wedding I went to a club to see Inaya Day perform (I really should have taken my butt to bed, but something said to go). Backstage is when I got to meet Chris Cox for the first time. He said if I was ever in LA to stop by the studio. Of course by chance, the next week I was in LA… I stopped by the studio, I heard the track and loved it! Now it’s history.

Describe the feeling you get when a song you’ve helped to create reaches a milestone like that. 

It feels very satisfying… when you put your heart into something and have people appreciate it. Makes your life feel fulfilling.

Does it feel good to still be making hits at this stage in the game? 

Yes sir! Lol at this point, it’s the only job I’m qualified for.

Now… what we gone do right here is go back. Way back… back into time… (laughs) to penning your first hit, Gypsy Woman, which landed you a record deal and your first # 1 atop Billboard charts

What were your first thoughts when you found out? 

I was bewildered. I thought the song was only going to do well locally. I had been signed to the label for 2 years before it even came out, wasn’t sure if it was ever going to come out.

Is getting another chart topper any different this time around?

It’s always good to be #1, lol, but it is different this time. Gypsy seemed to come out of nowhere and went #1 fast. This time, I don’t have a major label behind me. It was a lot more sweat.

Did it ever occur to you when you started your career, that it would become as decorated as it is? 

Nope, not at first. I even kept my job for a year and half after Gypsy… but I must say when I was little I always dreamed about being successful in music.

Okay now, you have a song called The Great City, which steps away from the dance theme you’re known for. What’s the back story on it?

Well, I was born into a jazz family. My father was a jazz musician and my Great Aunt is Ethel Waters. I’ve always loved jazz. In fact, a lot of my melodies are jazz inspired (check out the dit dit dees on Mama Hey). I’ve always wanted to do a jazz album, so a few years ago, I started the project. It’s still a work in progress.

How do you feel about the current state of music?

I’m happy that dance music is back on the radio here in the US. It kind of validates what we did in the 90s. I love seeing it mutate and grow…

Is there any new music or projects to look forward to? 

Yes, I have a few on the table. Next up is a song [called] “Blow”, being released on May 28th (Subliminal Records). I think it’s going to be a good summer. (:

Do you have any words of wisdom for the artists trying to make it and the to the ones still grinding, such as yourself? 

Go to all the music conferences you can, it’s where the networking begins; lot’s of business info out there to learn cause you’re gonna need it.

Last one… shout outs? 

I wanna give a shout out to my Aunt Bee and my Uncle Joe LOL. I just wanna send love to you and your readers. You can check me out on IamCrystalWaters.com, facebook.com/IamCrystalWaters and twitter.com/crystalwaters1.

You heard the lady. Go check her out at her main site, on Facebook and on Twitter. Big thanks for allowing aEM to get this exclusive interview. Highlighting great talent is what we do.

This is Tell Your Story w/ Crystal Waters.


Tell Your Story is an original online series by aEM which highlights Underground, Unsigned & Unknown artists and entrepreneurs with featured interviews and a showcase of their craft.


Click the link below to head to the media page to read her biography, view the videos that brought her to where she is today and to listen to the new music that is going to take her even further.



#RespectTheCraft or Nah?

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