J. Cole vs 2013 – Round II: Truly Yours 2 [LISTEN]

j-cole-truly-yours-2NEW J COLE! NEW MUSIC! NEW MIXTAPE! NEW…  Ahhh, y’all get the point. J. Cole drops a new EP a few days ago called Truly Yours 2. This piggy backs off of his last EP, Truly Yours, which came out February 12th.

The last mixtape I purchased from J. Cole was Friday Night Lights. Yes, I know, a long time ago. But as for this mixtape, another great work from him. He’s his usual, real self; lyrically great and the beat choice was creatively ingenious.


I also want to point out the way it was sequence of the tracks. He started it off soulful in the first 2 tracks and then raised the tempo for a head nodder in “Chris Tucker”.

Favorite song on the EP goes to Head Bussa. I’m bumping this EP on repeat now. I dig it, J. Cole. Keep ’em coming bro. I’m feeling the vibe.

O. Atiba


J. Cole has pulled his second rabbit out of his hat for 2013 and is definitely poised for his third come June 25th. Both Truly Yours and Truly Yours 2, are lyrically sound and ear pleasing. His single, Power Trip, off of his forthcoming album, Born Sinner, has been making crazy media waves for a while now. He can do no wrong. “I made ‘Power Trip’ in my living room,” he tells Rolling Stone. “I made that beat, wrote that song, recorded the rough version of the vocals in my crib.”

I’m all the way inspired. I’m full of creative energy. I’m in that place where ideas flow out.

Everyone can look forward to that album review come the end of June. I’m definitely excited about this one. Even more excited than I was for Cole World. Listen to the EP below.




#RespectTheCraft or Nah?

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