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TUESDAY, MAY 14, 2013


By the time you finish reading this, I’m sure someone will piss you off even more than you are right now. I’m not saying you are already in a bitchy mood, but…I’m just saying. Also, once you finish this, I’m sure you will offer your kindest remarks as well. It seems like everything gets people upset nowadays. There’s nothing under the sun that we all can agree on; however, when I enjoy something, I just want to indulge. I’m not here for countless debates dissecting everything on nothing.

Here are some things I am tired of people politicizing:


Shonda Rhimes has been receiving a ton of press for her recent work with “Scandal.” The television show is definitely a must-watch program on Thursday nights. Rhimes does an excellent job balancing race, sexuality and current events. No matter how many times we think the plot or story line is over, Rhimes and her team reinvents the wheel and have the Gladiators waiting three weeks for the next episode.  Although race is never uttered in the show somehow, somewhere the issue comes up over and over again. Rhimes herself commented on the issue, saying that it’s sad, and weird, and strange that race is still an issue.

The quivering lip talents of Kerry Washington have catapulted her into the role as Olivia Pope. The actress kills the scenes in her all white attire, matching winter wear set (seems like it’s always winter in Washington, D.C.) and shoulder length side part wrap. Even though we’re only about a year in, Washington has had like three hairstyles but that’s not what I’m tired of people commenting on. Olivia Pope is a black successful woman who is having an affair with the President. Some would even say a modern day love story about Sally Hemmings. Instead of criticizing the relationship, people are quick to make assumptions of how the Pope character is flawed and incomplete. Apparently, these are stereotypes for black women polarized by the show and faithful watchers. I’m not sure, but I’m tired of hearing about it. “Scandal” is great television and emphasized by other fans on Twitter. Like most protagonists in any show, characters have issues they have to work with.  Unfortunately, Olivia is not the blueprint because she’s a black woman but if so, I’m sure she would handle it.


#RespectTheCraft or Nah?

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