Billboard Music Awards 2013


The Billboard Music Awards came on a few nights ago and it seems to me that Electronic Dance music is the new wave in music history. David Guetta won an award for it and performed Crank It Up with Akon and Work Hard, Play Hard with Ne-Yo. Jennifer Lopez appears to admire Madonna judging from her performance and her outfit. (Her performance was great, BTW). She has a new sound & new style. Pitbull is definitely reigning on the electronic dance scene, boy.

Miguel’s performance was pretty cool and scary at the same time. He jumped over the crowd to another stage but he lands a split on a woman’s head. She definitely had to feel embarrassed or hyped because it’s Miguel. I’m thinking he’s going to get sued by this young woman, who fell victim to a crowd hopping incident. We’ll find out sooner or later.

Taylor Swift dominated with 8 awards. She performed her hit song Trouble, which made me dance and move a bit. I’ve seen her perform before, when Kanye West interrupted her act. This time around, she’s more energetic and a lot more loose, getting down and dropping it low on stage.

Justin Beiber‘s song, Take You Home, was pretty dope. He could have done a lot better with his performance, though. I think the clothes he wore were too confining. He could barely move, so not much movement on his choreography.

Special note to Kesha on cleaning up her act. She looked much more presentable that I’m used to seeing. The trashy get-up was replaced with a “bit” of elegance. Maybe it’s because Billboard is a more upscale show than the others she’s attended.

Overall, the Billboard Music Awards wasn’t the best showcase, but it was entertaining enough for me to continue watching the show and enjoy it.

O. Atiba


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