The Recent (& Very Bad) Trend Involving the MTA


Let’s talk about it. The Metropolitan Transit Authority has gotten an abundance of backlash in recent years over many issues including, but not limited to, the horrible transit delays, even worse train diversions and construction & their ever so “popular” fare hikes that causes our pockets to bleed so profusely. We’ve all fallen victim to at least one, if not all three. Believe me when I tell you, I share your grievances. There has been many times where a faulty signal light has ruined part of my day.


But those are all things we must deal with to do what we have to do, on a daily basis. What I don’t understand is the rapid increase in weekly injuries and deaths by way of train. This past weekend alone, 4 people were killed, all in separate incidents, 1 was an apparent suicide. Another person was injured when he was pushed onto the tracks after tussling with a mugger who was getting away with his iPhone.

REACTION: This is pure LUNACY.


When did Death by Train become popular? I didn’t get the memo. There has been over 100 deaths by train already in 2013. It seems like every time I pick up a newspaper, browse a news site or Facebook, or even speak to friends (two, of which, have seen this up close), I’m being told about another track death. This new trend needs to stop. It was never cool to get hit by a train, even in the movies. Only in the movies, a delay for this reason would be entirely scripted.


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  1. Jaye, thank you for bringing some attention to this matter. I think your readers would appreciate knowing that in the United States, a person or vehicle is hit by a train, very often because people take unnecessary risks and think they can beat the train. I challenge all of your readers to tell someone they love that the tracks are off-limits. No matter what. Whatever has fallen in the tracks can be replaced. You can’t beat the train. You don’t know exactly when it’s coming and it cannot stop on a dime. What’s more, the train employees suffer tremendously when there is an incident. If you need help getting the conversation started, Operation Lifesaver, Inc. has a bunch of tips to help. Visit oli [dot] org.


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