Born Sinner – J. Cole (Album Review)


JAY Z sure can pick em. Born Sinner hits the shelves on June 18th and J. Cole will probably be running away from the crazy fans in downtown Manhattan at J&R Music World, where he’ll hold his album release CD signing event. Cole decided to stream the album from the official website and…

First reaction? PURE FLAMES! BARS! CRAZY!

Per Facebook while listening to the album…

J. COLE + BARS = Me… /\__/\_________________ #Flatlined

Oh now that was just rude J. Cole… *faints*

*faints again* J. Cole is THAT NIGGA.

You can feel the heat coming from this album from the first beat drop. If you’re a fan, YOU MUST GET THIS ALBUM. He is a natural-born story-teller. Even Nas knows it, and after he let Cole know he was, it influenced one of my favorites off the album. Let Nas Down is Cole talking about his dream of meeting his idol, hearing from Nas himself that he was a fan, and then the sorrow as hit single didn’t meet his idol’s standards. As he said on track # 1, it’s deeper than the last. 

Every song give you a deeper J. Cole. The stories are deeper. The emotions are deeper. The messages are deeper. Need more proof, then check out our earlier post, J. COLE X BORN SINNER TRACKLIST & DOPE NEW MUSIC [LISTEN], and check out the 3 songs he dropped off the album.

Niggas Know
Forbidden Fruit
Crooked Smile feat. TLC

I was already hooked from these three. My favorite from those, Crooked Smile feat. TLC, one of the best female groups to reign over the 90s. If you’re not ready for the album off of these songs, then you don’t know what you’re missing.


#RespectTheCraft or Nah?

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