Behind The Unsigned: Season 2 & New Music From WordSpit the ILLest [LISTEN]

Guess who has another post on aEM?image

You guessed it! WordSpit is again making waves from the underground, this time being featured on Fuse TV’s Behind The Unsigned: Season 2. If that wasn’t enough, he’s dropping a new tune for those lyrical pleasure centers of your brain.

Fuse TV recently sat down with Wordspit The Illest for their series, “Behind The Unsigned.”  As he takes you on a tour of his hometown, East NY, Brooklyn, you get a glimpse into his studio process, life after America’s Got Talent, personal battles addressed in his upcoming mixtape “Wrath of the Illest”, and more.

In addition to all the commotion surrounding Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse, Wordspit brings a new perspective to the pool of responses with “Social Control” and steps it up as an unexpected contender for the state of New York… one in which he recalls being acknowledged by Kendrick himself…

Click the links for Fuse TV’s features on WordSpit and check out the new audio below!


#RespectTheCraft or Nah?

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