The Official Story of the Rose Movement Album Release Party

20130913_213617I attended another flawless performance from Ms. Jaclyn Rose, this time at DROM in NYC. Decked out in red and white, she told the story of the Rose Movement through song, singing all the right tunes and guiding her band through the set. The crowd loved it. I was able to get a video of her performing “Flash, Flash” (personal favorite), one of the more upbeat songs from her album, The Story of the Rose Movement.

After the performance, I spoke with a few of DROM’s patrons and the band’s drummer, Ben Teters, who gave great reviews.

“I really enjoyed it. This is my first time out seeing her and she gave a great performance.”

“The band was great. She was great. The songs were very jazzy and got me in a good groove.”

– DROM Patrons

I thought the show was great! I was actually the drummer up there (laughs)… but yeah the show was great. Jaclyn was great and there was good energy from the crowd.

– Ben Teters

20130913_224353Flow (Omari Atiba of aEM) & King, better known as REAL Muzic of LyfeStyle Music Group, LLC, attended the show as well to show their support for the Rose Movement & had this to say…

“What I liked about her performance was her eclectic musical style. She has a soulful vibe that relaxes my soul. Her performance touched my heart. My favorite Is “Breath in”. 

– Flow

It was an experience and a PLEASURE to finally meet Jaclyn Rose. Her performance caught my attention from beginning to end, especially her tribute performance to MJ’s “Earth Song”. Her voice is amazing!!!

– King

Jaclyn did a great job and I’m glad that I’ve been able to work with her thus far. There is definitely more in store.

Check out the video of Jaclyn Rose perform “Flash, Flash” below, pictures from the performance & #JoinTheRoseMovement by downloading the album, The Story of the Rose Movement, visiting her website and following her on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube & Instagram! Pick Up Your Roses today!

iTunes Download



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